What Did Women Wear for Disco?


In the year such as 1970?s, disco looks was more memorable for its hot pants and spandex tops. In addition, Gold lame, leopard skin and stretch halter jumpsuits and white clothes that glowed in Ultra Violet lights capture the 70s Disco fashion perfectly.
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As someone who knew the inside of many a disco: I used to wear a very short leather skirt with a ribbed short-sleeved sweater, boots, and chunky jewelry. Add big hair, eyeliner, and
Women wore girdles and garters to hold up their silk stockings and nylons. There were two main product choices for women's hosiery: seamed or seamless. After making that choice, women
They were a small leather boot type shoe. No right/left feet and no hard sole. They would slip on or use laces to close the shoe so it would stay on. I have a pair made in the "
The free love feelings of the 1960s lingered into the 1970s. Disco, roller rinks and individual expression were kind. People dressed in order to show off their unique style. Some
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What women wore for disco dancing varied some wore tight dresses and some wore halter tops with bell bottoms. Hair was always feathered back and of course platform shoes were a must.
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