What Did Women Wear in the 1960s?


The 1960s didn't start out with colourful clothes. They were dully designed and looked better on older people. Then little shops called boutiques opened selling cheap and colourful clothing for younger people. During the decade, women started wearing mini s
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It seems that fashion changes every ten years. In the 1940's war changed the look and fashion of women forever. They shortened their skirts and wore clothes that were more masculine
The 1950’s and the 1960’s were two decades that experienced a large amount of cultural and political changes. In the 1950’s, World War II had just ended and the
Here, look at these: http://www.retrowow.co.uk/retro_style/60…. http://www.fashion-pictures.com/.
They wore bell-bottom jeans with tie-die shirts. They wore SANDALS, NOT FLIP-FLOPS. They weren't invented yet. Vans will be fine too. They had peace scarfs around their waists as
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What Did Women Wear in the 1960s?
When most people picture women's styles of the 1960s, they immediately think of long-haired hippies wearing floral patterns and peace-sign necklaces. However, there were many other popular fashion trends during this period. Breaking free from the fashion... More »
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Some of the things that women wore in the 1960s include: blouses, pants that were mainly made from fabrics such as jersey, satin, cotton velvet, baby doll dress and kitten heels. 1960s clothing techniques offered women a means of self expression.
In the 1960 women wore dresses with floral patterns and peace sign necklaces. They also used to wear pants with sleeveless tops and two to three inch kitten heels. They used to accessorise their outfits with bangles and bracelets that were made of plastic.
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The fashion most prevalent in the 1960s consisted of wiggle dresses, silk coats, mini dresses, leather coats with sheepskin collars and belted dresses. The era ...
After the conservative fashions of the 1950's, men?s fashion in the 1960s emerged as something of a new beginning. Clothes became significantly tight fitting during ...
Women’s fashion changed dramatically in the 1920s after World War I. The flapper style, with its higher hemline and looser, more boyish silhouette, is ...
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