What Did Women Wear in the 1970's?


The fashion trends of the 1970s can be divided into five distinct categories. In the early 70s, hippie trends from the late 60s were still in style. They were later replaced by disco and punk trends.
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The fashion influence of 60s hippies was mainstreamed in the 70s, as non-traditional clothing became the rage, including bellbottom pants, hip huggers, colorful patches, hot pants, platform shoes, earth shoes, clogs, T-shirts, and gypsy dresses.
If you didn't wear polyster, the preferred textile was denim blue jeans.
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In the 1970s women wore platform Shoes, Halter Tops, Bell Bottoms, Short Shorts and Wrap around Dresses, mini, midi and maxi skirts.
Among the clothes worn by women in the 1970s included the mini and midi-skirts. Cat suits, Maxi dresses with halter necks were worn as evening wear with the intention of bringing out a woman?s femininity and make her look gorgeous. There were also Empire dresses that were either straight, embellished, or flared. Perhaps, the most distinctive of all these is the bell-bottomed pants that were flared. The demand for loose kind of clothing, characterized by the hippy movement of the 60s led to the popularity of patterns such as kaftans, muu muus and kimonos.
The 1970s inspired big, bold fashion. Mini skirts, short shorts and flare-bottomed pants became popular, and listening to disco music became the norm. Disco also inspired specific looks that included polyester suits and wrap-around dresses. Most clothing came in bright colours and blouses and shirts came in semi-transparent floral prints. Platform shoes have a thick front sole and a heel that is the same height or higher. Halter tops and bell bottoms also made into the 1970s fashion.
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