What did women wear in the 1960s?


During the 1960s, women's fashions ranged from miniskirts to hot pants and included a wide variety of styles and fabrics. The decade was known for its "anything goes" atmosphere, which encompassed fashion among other aspects of culture.

According to London's Victoria and Albert Museum website, women's fashion in the 1960s started with Parisian haute couture garment designers' lines and evolved to include the famous miniskirt, pantsuits, bell-bottom jeans, and dresses with bold prints and graphics. A number of models, most famously Twiggy, ushered new garments, such as go-go boots, into the mainstream. Fashion designers began looking to rock stars for inspiration, offering chambray work shirts, fringed vests, love beads and brightly colored clothing, such as that worn by Janis Joplin.

In an article published in 1969, "Life" magazine highlighted trends in high school girls' fashion. The post World War II baby boom had created more teenagers than the nation had ever seen, and they were the target for many clothing makers. The youth of the era were driving demand for many goods, including clothing, which resulted in more flamboyant options available in previous decades.

Women started the 1960s looking to Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn for fashion tips and ended it dressing more like Edie Sedgwick or British model Jean Shrimpton.

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What Did Women Wear in the 60s?
The 1960s was a decade full of different clothing trends. Women wore things from hot pants to space-age styles in bold and contrasting colors. The earlier part of the decade featured different trends than the later part of the decade.... More »
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