What Did Women Wear in the 60's?


The 1960s was a decade full of different clothing trends that included the wearing of pants manufactured from fabrics, satin and velvet clothes, suits, blouses that were sleeveless, baby doll dresses, kiteen hill shoes, and ribbed sweaters that fit them tightly.
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During the early part of the 60s, women were still wearing trends from the 50s such as bouffant dresses and beehive hair. Women also wore a trend called the beatnik which included
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In the 1960s curls were all the rage. Big deep ones, small tight ones,
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What Did Women Wear in the 60s?
The 1960s was a decade full of different clothing trends. Women wore things from hot pants to space-age styles in bold and contrasting colors. The earlier part of the decade featured different trends than the later part of the decade.... More »
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The most popular women fashion items that women wore in the 1960?s were pants that were made from fabrics for example, satin and velvet, garments that were mostly suits, sleeveless blouses, tight-fitting ribbed sweaters, baby doll dresses, and kitten heel shoes that had flat chisel toes.
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