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A digital camera is an optical device that is used in the field of digital photography to take still photographs as well as video. It is able to display images on the screen immediately after they have been taken and it has a large memory capacity.
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The CCD was developed by Willard Boyle and George E. Smith in 1969 at AT&T Bell Labs. In their first technical journal " Charged Coupled Semiconductor Devices, 1969, they
Knowing how to choose a digital camera and what to look for will ensure the best photos of your most important moments. The best digital camera revolution is well underway, offering
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MF stands for Manual Focus.
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A digital camera stores images in a digital format rather than recording them onto film.
The quality of a digital camera is mainly defined by four quantities: resolution, lens aperture, lens zoom range, lens quality, and software. CCD sensitivity also varies somewhat.
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