What Did Aboriginal People Eat?


The Aboriginals diet included animal meat and offal, honey and insects such as witchetty grubs. Women used to gather the foods for daily use such as reptiles, plants and honey while men hunted for land and aquatic animals.
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"Aboriginal health is affected by a modern diet high in fat with low nutritional value. Indigenous people in Australia have an increased risk diseases including diabetes, obesity
Well, if you're talking about before white settlers came along. Aboriginals lived in the bush, so I guess they'd be eating bugs, animals, etc whatever they could find. And they eat
Overall, results show a high prevalence of overweight and obesity for the Aboriginal population, and eating habits that do not meet Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating (1992
Damper is a traditional Aus outback food. It consists of a wheat flour based, unleavened bread baked in the coals of a campfire.
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The aboriginal people eat seeds, vegetables, fruit and witchetty grubs. Those in the Central desert gathered all their food needs from the land and in general, they used food only found within their traditional country.
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