What Do African Elephants Eat?


Some of the things that an African elephant can eat are cabbages, lettuce, sugar cane, apples, bananas, hay, acacia leaves, and grass. It uses its trunk to bring food to their mouth and to drink. It can take up to 50 gallons of water a day.
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African elephants eat a lot and often. They do not sleep very much as they travel great distances to forage for food. They eat roots, grasses, fruit and bark.
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The African Forest Elephants are herbivores. Herbivores are the animals who feed mostly on grass. African Forest Elephants eat trees, leaves and fruits. ...
Elephants only eat plants. An African elephant will drink 42 gallons of water each day and eat between 440 to 660 lbs. of plants each day. An African elephant ...
A food web involving the African Elephant is rather simple. It is a herbivore and has no natural predators.The African Elephant tends a wide variety of plants, ...
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