What Do Agates Look like?


Agates are potato shaped rocks that have coloured patches and are sometimes translucent. They are a variety of chalcedony that are formed from layers of quartz. They are moderately inexpensive stones except for a few varieties.
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Agate is a sedimentary rock that comes in different colours such as gray, blue, yellow, brown, black, white, and green. It is porous with a white streak and may be extremely translucent to opaque. It is considered a semi precious gemstone.
How agate looks depends on the variety. Some are a milky-colored, smooth glass, with green veins, while others are a layered stone that is either shades of gray or red. You can find more info at: en.wikipedia.org
Agates are very beautiful minerals that come in many amazing colors, shapes, and patterns. Agate is another precious stone belonging to the quartz family.
Agates look like colorful stones with lines and streaks running through them. Some agates look like scallops, eyes or bands of clouds. Agate is a gemstone that come in the colors of brown, reddish brown, green and blue. You can find more information here: www.gemstone.org
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