What Do Alpacas Eat?


Alpacas eat a variety of low protein hay and pasture grass. These animals are ruminants that effectively use any available nutrient supply. They also enjoy plants that have long fibres as well as good pasture and commercial alpaca mixes.
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All animals that eat meat can eat an alpaca but if you want to know what can KILL an alpaca then it is usually a wolf, coyote, mountain lion, dogs, and cougars. If you have a Llama
Alpaca chew their cud like cattle and sheep. They are very efficient and only eat 2-3 bales of
Alpacas are a type of ruminant, with three stomachs, and a very efficient digestive system, converting food into energy with little wastage. They enjoy short moist grass, plus hay
Eighty percent (80% of the alpaca and llama diet should be quality pasture grass and/or hay. Alpaca and llama diets vary by different regions in North America, depending on pasture
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An alpaca's diet varies somewhat depending on what region it lives in, but in general 80 percent of its diet should come from hay or pasture grass. Pasture grass should be tested for its protein content. You can find more information here: http://ezinearticles.com/?What-Do-Alpacas-Eat?&id=1186357
Alpacas do well with eating pasture grass and hay that is of good quality. They are fine with eating a mixture of grasses such as bermuda, bahia, orchard, and other grasses.
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