What Do Anemones Eat?


Anemones feed on shrimps, scallops, clams and silversides. They are also known to eat crabs and other small fish. Anemones also survive better in water that is free of any organic wastes and one will have to perform regular water changes.
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Anemones are carnivorous, but also rooted into place, so it's safe to say that they'll eat whatever happens by that's made of meat. Examples of typical anemone prey are crabs, small fish, plankton, and sea urchins. Nearby, smaller anemones should also watch out, because they'll eat them too. Anemones tend to sting their prey before they feed.The only creature that's really safe from an anemone is the clownfish, which is immune to the anemone's sting and can shelter itself safely in its tentacles from its own predators. It returns the favor afforded by this protection by picking algae off the anemones so they can continue to look presentable while they feed ravenously on every other kind of fish.
Anemones are carnivorous animals that look like plants. They can't actively search for food, so they have to wait for animals to swim by them. Anemones eat many things including small fish, copepods, mussels and worms. You can find more information here: http://www.calstatela.edu/faculty/eviau/edit557/oceans/norma/osanom.htm
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