What Do Angel Feathers Look like?


The traditional pure white feather, soft and unmissable has captured angel enthusiasts imaginations all over our planet.
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1. Remove your doll’s clothing and turn the doll face down. For a Barbie-sized doll measure one inch from the top of the shoulders and 3/4 inch in from the joint where the arm
One thought: Nowhere in the Bible is it indicated that angels have literal 'feathers' Additional Note: There is only one analogy for God being like a mother hen covering with feathers
1. Wear lots of white, silver, and gold. Gold eyeshadow, clothes, shoes, and jewelry will make you look "heavenly" Gold is a very rich colour, so only set courses - otherwise
Angels are suppose to take on human form in order to ease the transition for us because their true form might be too hard to handle. This shows up in a lot of books and older lore
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