What Do Animals Need to Survive?


In order to survive, plants get nutrients such as nitrogen from the soil and use this to manufacture their own food via photosynthesis. They also respire and take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. They also need sunlight for photosynthesis to be complete.
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To survive, animals need to sustain their bodies with nourishment and shelter. Food is a vital necessity for the survival of animals. Appropriate environments are essential, as well, providing a comfortable atmosphere for hunting and traveling.
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Animals require an area where they are able to access food, water, shelter, and space to survive. Animals are comfortable in an area far from their predators. ...
Animals need water to survive as water makes up about half of the volume of animal blood. Animal blood consists of the plasma and blood cells. The plasma is a ...
Cells require organelles to survive; these are groups of complex molecules. The larger the cell, the more the organelles it will require to survive. In addition ...
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