What Do Arctic Foxes Eat?


Arctic foxes hunt and eat lemmings and rabbits. They are scavengers and will devour almost anything, including what polar bears have left behind. When food is plentiful, the will bury their food for later.
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Polar Bears.
The arctic fox can eat almost any form of meat readily available. Prey consists primarily
I think it mostly consists of Lemmings and leftovers from polar bears. : Source(s) Did a report years ago :
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Arctic Foxes eat small mammals, birds, insects, eggs, berries and carrion.
When it comes to what they eat, Arctic foxes are not very discriminating. However, their favorite meal are lemmings (rodents); they can eat these for days. Other foods of choice are some eggs with a little Arctic Hare. When things get rough, well, they will even eat the carcasses of dead animals, leftovers and feces from other predators (now that is desperate).
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Polar bears, wolves, and large birds of prey all eat the arctic fox. Young foxes are in the most danger of predation and are protected by their mother. Upon reaching ...
Arctic wolves eat a carnivorous diet of mammals and nesting birds. Their preferred prey include seals, foxes, Arctic hares, caribou and musk oxen. When necessary ...
Lemmings and voles, both of which are small rodents, are the favorite prey of the Arctic fox. It's interesting to note that the population cycles of these two ...
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