What Do Army Ants Eat?


Army ants have a varied diet. They feed on other insect, snakes and small animals like baby birds. The whole colony will overtake and overpower the smaller animal and eat it. They usually send out special scouts to search for food.
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Army ants are always in a group and have been known to raid insects or mammals. They have no permanent homes and move unnecessarily to other locations in search of food. You can find more information here: http://www.globio.org/glossopedia/article.aspx?art_id=7
Army ants typically feed upon various arthropods such as spiders and insects, though interestingly, when they work together as a team, they can kill and eat lizards and even chickens!
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Army ants, like many other ants, tend to eat whatever they can find. Very often, plant life is the food they munch on. However, if there are any crumbs around, they'll be sure to
All the predators of army ants that I know of is the anteater and a few types of birds like the anteater bird.
Army Ants do not limit their feeding to insects. They are so powerful that they are capable of
1. Place Terro (a product made from sodium borate and sugar water) around the area where the army ants are feeding. You can spray the area or place small drops on paper. The ants
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Anything that eats insects will more than likely eat Army Ants. There is one bird that does enjoy eating Army Ants, however. This bird is known as the Buff-Throated ...
Army ants are considered to be over 200 ant species. They stay in groups and are known to raid a single area in order to attack prey simultaneously. They do not ...
Army ants are active and aggressive insects that live in temporary nests, which they build by linking their own bodies together. There are 150 species of these ...
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