What Do Arthropods Eat?


Arthropods are one of the most popular species in the world. They have segmented bodies or six or more jointed legs. Because of the large variety of animals in that group they could eat anything from plankton to blood.
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with their mouth.
The jointed legs of arthropods help them move easily and quickly. The legs are adapted to do
Arthropods are critical to the food chain. They are the major source of food for most other animals and even a few plants. Birds, reptiles, fish, and other arthropods eat them. Even
They eat microorganism.
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Arthropods eat a variety of animal and plant matter, whether living or dead. Different types of arthropods are endowed with different adaptations that enable them gather and consume their favourite foods. Some arthropods are strictly herbivorous while others are carnivorous.
A little known fact of of spiders or rather arthopods, they can not eat solids. They can only eat liquids. They are predators so therefore will perhaps suck the fluids from their pray. You can find more information here: http://www.dmturner.org/Teacher/Library/5thText/InvPart5.html
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