What Do Baby Geese Eat?


If one has a baby goose, the best thing to feed it would be duck or chicken starter, which can be purchased at animal feed stores. It could also eat crushed cereal, like cheereos, or crushed dog food.
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Baby geese eat all fruit and vegetable waste apart from citrus. They will also feed on snails, slugs, worms, small rodents and froglets. Geese are not vegetarians, thus they will not feed on grains.
It would be best to be feed a baby duck starter food from a feed store. You can also feed a baby duck crushed up Cheerios, crushed dog or cat food, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, canned peas, chopped green beans, or chopped lettuce. You can find more information here: http://www.thegoosesmother.com/id27.html
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