Baby Mallard Duck?


Baby mallard ducks normally feed on different varieties of vegetables, grit, grains, fish and other aquatic creatures. Baby ducks require a lot of protein in their diets, which is why human food such as bread and other flour meal are not beneficial to the young ducks.
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Baby ducks can eat finely chopped vegetables and non medicated duck feed. Baby ducks also eat insects and worms. Ducks must have fresh water to drink. You can find more information here:
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When feeding your ducklings, use unmedicated chick starter or duck starter. Baby ducks can also be given fruits and vegetable, but these must be chopped really ...
Baby ducks like to eat insects and worms. They can also feed on finely chopped vegetables and fruits. Baby ducks should have plenty of fresh water to drink. You ...
The mallard is a dabbling duck. They feed in the water and eat by tilting forward and foraging for underwater plants. In addition to water plants, mallard ducks ...
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