What do baby mice eat?


Baby mice drink milk that is produced by their mother until they are old enough to start eating solid food. As they become old enough to digest solid food, they start to eat bread, wheat and corn. If it is a wild baby mouse, what they eat depends on the area that they live in and the season. If it is a pet mouse, both solid and liquid food is available for purchase at pet stores.

Wild baby mice rely solely on their mother to bring them food until they are finally old enough to go out and look for food themselves. The mother mouse has to carry the food back to the babies because mice do not vomit.

According to Pest World, female mice are able to give birth when they are just 2 months old. On average, mice give birth five to 10 times a year. Mice have very high metabolisms, so they need to eat around 15 to 20 times a day. Due to this need to eat so often, most wild mice build their homes near a food source. This is often why mice choose to build their nests within people's homes, where food is plentiful.

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