What Do Baby Sparrows Eat?


Sparrows are omnivores, but are close to being an insectivore. A baby bird will eat mostly insects. They need a high protein diet at a young age. As adults, sparrows change from an insectivore diet to mainly eating grain.
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Baby sparrows are omnivores and they are fed insects by their parents since they need high amounts of animal protein. Adult sparrows eat mainly grain but the baby sparrows are more insectivorous as babies. As pets, they can be fed on dry, soaked cat food.
In the wild baby sparrows eat a protein rich diet of insects. If you find a baby sparrow that has been abandoned, you can feed it protein rich dog or cat food mixed with applesauce, a hard boiled egg, and avian vitamins. You can find more information here: http://www.starlingtalk.com/babycare.htm
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If they are very young, you can give them diluted formula but as soon as possible, they need to start eating seeds. Consult the local pet store for the right combo of seed mixture.
coped up worms and tiny insects.
Common House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) follow humans to cities, suburbs, and farms and find food wherever they go. They prefer seed and grain, but will also eat berries, buds,
insects. sparrows feed the young ones with insects because of their higher energetical/nutritional value. partly digested grass seeds may be contained in the diet too. but majority
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