What Do Ballerinas Wear?


Ballerinas usually wear pink tights, black leotards, and pink ballet shoes. For performances, they can wear a tutu or a costume that complements the theme of the performance that they are in.
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What Do Ballerinas Wear?
Ballet is a disciplined form of dance with specific guidelines, and the clothing worn for ballet is no exception. The graceful dance style dates back to 14th century France and has stirred the hearts of audiences for centuries. Ballet is the art of... More »
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Ballerinas dress in tutus, which are short, full skirts, often made of satin material. Ballerinas usually wear their hair in a bun, pinned high on the head. Male dancers, also called ballet dancers, always dance in soft-soled shoes. All ballet dancers wear tights on their legs. They are like stockings and cover the entire leg.
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