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The diet of birds is varied and will depend on the species of bird, though common diets include; black sunflower seeds, bird seed mixtures, peanuts, live foods and other insect foods, cooking fat and polyunsaturated margarines.
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Bird diets vary by species.
Their diets often include nectar, plants, seeds, fruit, carrion and various small animals. Since birds lack teeth, their digestive systems are adapted to process food items that are swallowed whole.
Birds are eaten by a host of predators including some species of mongoose, wild dogs, polar bears and snakes. Larger birds of prey such as eagles, hawks and kites can also eat the smaller birds.
Some of the natural foods that the birds eat are insects, worms, berries, fruit, flower nectar, nuts, seeds, tree sap, buds of trees and shrubs, fish, small animals, other birds, and eggs. Birds like the vulture also scavenge for dead animals.
Birds have different diets depending on the species. A pelican will eat mainly fish from the sea. A robin will eat insects, worms, seeds and berries. An eagle will eat small rodents and snakes.
Small birds will eat insects, worms, grain like corn or sunflower seeds. Bigger birds will eat fish, small rodents, rabbits and chipmunks.
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When it comes to eating a birds beak is most important. They use it to pick up food, hold it, and to crack it open if necessary. Their birk works like both hands and teeth together,
Cats are the largest threat to cardinals, both among predatory mammals and other predatory animals including birds and reptiles. Cats tend to do the most damage to cardinal populations
Wild birds can eat a lot of things. For any plant or small animal accessible from the air, there is probably a bird adapted to eat it. I'll just give a few examples of types of things
all birds eat insects.
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Since birds do not have hands they use their powerful beaks to pick up food and digest it. Wild birds eat fruit, seeds, worms and other material that may be available ...
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