What Do Black Widow Spiders Eat?


The deadly black widow spider will eat a variety of insects such as flies, beetles, ladybugs, moths and crickets. If it is small enough for them to capture, poison and immobilize they will do so and eat it.
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Unlike many other animals, a female black widow needs to mate only once. Females can store males' sperm and continue to fertilize their own eggs. Consequently, a female does not need
birds or lizards or bigger spiders.
Mud-Dauber Wasps are natural predators of black widow spiders. Many other animals get
1. Clean out potential hiding spots. Black widows hole up in seldom-disturbed areas, such as woodpiles, storage boxes, the back of closets, and so on. Not only will cleaning these
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Black Widow Spiders feed on insects, wood lice and other arachnids.
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Many types of native and non-native spiders are found in Georgia; the only venomous varieties are the tiny Brown Recluse and the infamous Black Widow. Non venomous ...
Water spiders are usually black or brown and they eat guppies, small fish, and insects on the water. The water spiders mates and lays their eggs under water. ...
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