What Do Blue Tailed Lizards Eat?


There are actually several types of lizards with blue tails. The most common are the blue-tailed skink and the western skink. In the wild, they are carnivores, and they eat any nonpoisonous insects available. In captivity, they are usually fed mealworms with calcium supplements and reptile multivitamins.
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What Do Blue Tail Lizards Eat?
A few different lizards have blue tails in their youth, but the one commonly called "blue-tailed" is the five-lined skink. A skink is a type of lizard, and the broadhead skink and Great Plains skink also have blue tails until they mature. All of these... More »
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A blue tailed lizard, also known as the blue-tailed skink has a diet that consists of bugs. A blue tailed skink will eat moths, worms, and crickets.
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You mean the skink with blue tail? I don't think they are poisonous. In fact, many people hold them as pets. ...
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