What Does a Bone Spur Look like?


A bone spur is a smooth, round bony growth that occurs on a normal bone. It usually occurs on the spine, hands, hips, shoulders, feet and knees. When pressure is applied on a bony spur, it can cause pain, wear and tear on the tendons, ligaments and nerves in the body.
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Because bone spurs mostly affect vertebrae, most patients experience pain in the back or the neck. The pain is caused from the growths and pressure on the nerve, so the pain can progressively
Osteophytes, also know as bones spurs, occur around the margins of joints. One of the most common causes is arthritis, followed by other degenerative disorders. They typically will
Anywhere with venerable bone areas that have been broken or have been weakened. Since most bone spurs are caused by osteoarthritis or calcification of tendons and ligaments they are
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Bone spurs are smooth bony growths that usually form along the joint margins in the body. They can cause wear and tear when pressed against other bones or soft tissues like the ligaments, nerves or tendons. Bone spurs are commonly found on the shoulders, hands, knees, spine, hips and feet.
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