What Do Buddhists Eat?


One of the precepts of Buddhism is to abstain from killing sentient beings, therefore only eat dishes with no meat of fish.
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The Buddha taught that following the path to enlightenment included recognizing and ending the causes of suffering. That path is the Eightfold Path, a system of views, actions and
Buddhists are allowed to eat anything that is offered to them including meat. Buddhists are not allowed to kill or have someone else kill for them, any sentient being (any non-plant
Those vegetables are called five pungent roots (五葷)、 the ones that contains a lot of diallyl sulfide which causes garlic like odor. They believed that the smell
The Buddhist diet is primarily vegetarian, in order to refrain from...
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Buddhists mostly eat fruits and vegetables. They do not eat meat or any animal product, since they do not believe in harming or killing living things. Wheat and soy are also common staples of their diet.
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Buddhists are mainly allowed to eat vegetables. They are not allowed to eat the flesh of human beings, elephants, horses, snakes, dogs, lions, tigers, leopards ...
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