What Do Bunnies Eat?


Bunnies prefer high-quality pellets, fresh hay such as alfalfa, timothy or oat, water and fresh vegetables. When giving the bunnies vegetables give them dark leafy veggies and root vegetable. Do not feed them with beans and rhubarb.
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What Do Bunnies Eat?
Bunnies are herbivores with specialized digestive systems where food is eaten twice to get the full nutrients from it. When they first eat food, it passes through the system and becomes "cecotropes" (soft feces). The bunny eats the cecotropes, which are... More »
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A bunny is a mammal that enjoys eating a variety of foods, including grass, vegetables, fruit and grains. Pet rabbits are often fed specially formulated foods that contain the right mixture of vitamins and nutrients to maintain optimal health.
I raised bunnies for years. They love fruits and vegetables, specially strawberries. Their are a few things you can NOT give to bunnies and that is meat and iceburg lettuce.
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Bunnies like to eat lettuce and carrots. They also like the specially formulated rabbit pellets. They love the crunch factor to give their large teeth a work out!
1. Look for a picture of a bunny facing sideways eating grass. 2. Sketch a lopsided oval shape for the rump. To the left of the rump draw a lopsided hexagon, half the size of the
Bunnies' Favorite Foods: Peaches Bananas Lettuce (They love red romaine lettuce) Strawberries Carrots (Some bunnies won't eat carrots-like mine) Grapes (NO grapes until they are at
A rabbit has many predators like a lion, tiger, coyote, fox, and many others.
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Some of the foods that bunnies like to eat are lettuce, carrots, apples, bananas, pears, sunflower seeds and much more. ...
Bunny rabbits eat yams, kale, mustard greens, bok choy, celery, broccoli, apples and carrots. They also eat beets, grapes, romaine, turnips, Swiss chad, spinach, ...
Grass hay is a staple diet for rabbits, together with rabbit pellets and fresh, leafy green vegetables. Be careful about feeding other types of food to rabbits ...
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