What Do Camel Spiders Eat?


Camel spiders are carnivorous creatures, which eat a range of animals that they kill with their powerful chelicerae. Their diet comprises small rodents, insects, spiders, termites and small reptiles. They are not muscular enough to capture and kill large mammals, but sometimes they catch undersized birds.
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I believe some desert snakes (like pythons) eat camel spiders, although it might be a giant reptile or lizard.
Lizards that are larger than it are the only predators to the camel spider. Their bite is
1. Check the conditions of your area. Camel spiders prefer hot, arid deserts. They are found chiefly in the Middle East, especially in the Sinai desert, but they have moved throughout
A camel spiders diet consists of termites and beetles and on rare occasions larger prey like lizards.
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Camel spiders got their name because they eat. . . . . . camels. Actually no, they don't, a camel spider can be sound in warmer climates and eat lizards, insects and scorpions.
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