What Do Camels Eat?


Camels eat almost every type of vegetation. They can eat: plants, grass, fruit, dates, wheat, salt bushes, thorns, dry vegetation, oats, fish etc.
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While in the desert, camels eat a variety of foods. They are fed dates, grass and grains, such as wheat and oats. In zoos, the camels are usually fed hay and dry grains. When traveling across the desert, where food can be scarce, camels will eat almost anything. They will live on anything they find including dried leaves, seeds and whatever else they can find. Camels have even been known to eat a tent or two. They will also eat bones, fish, meat and leather.
In the desert, camels survive on dried leaves, seeds and any desert plants they can find. Camels can eat thorny branches without hurting their mouth. If food is very inadequate, camels will eat anything such as bones, fish, meat and leather.
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