What Do Cancer Lumps Feel like?


Cancerous lumps may be spherical or regular in shape and often not tender unless they are in their advanced stage. These lumps are usually immobile and painless. With time, cancerous lumps grow bigger and cause discomfort and pain.
4 Additional Answers
Cancer lumps often feel like hard matter or mass that is not movable especially breast cancer lumps. Most of them are painless but this is not always the case since some may cause some discomfort.
A lumpf feels as if it is firm and lumpy which is found on the upper outside portion of the breast. There is also a fatty tissue that is found in the inside and lower side of the breast.
A cancerous lump/benign lump comes in the form of a swelling on a gland or artery. The lump either feels rough or smooth around its edges. You can use your hand and fingers to estimate its size.
Finding a lump in the breast or experiencing changes in the breast may make a woman fearful of the fact that she could have breast cancer. This is a very understandable reaction to something that could jeopardize what she views as a major part of her womanhood.
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