What Do Cardinals Eat?


Cardinals love fruits and seeds and will eat a variety of them. Grapes, oats, corn, blackberries, and plantains are just a short list of what a cardinal might eat.
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What Do Cardinals Eat?
Cardinals are seasonal eaters, much like most songbirds, as they feed on insects during the summer and seed during the winter. Find out what cardinals usually eat with helpful information from an Audubon Society member in this free video on wild birds.... More »
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Cardinals love seeds and fruits and will be drawn to feeders that have safflower seeds, sunflower seeds, cracked corn, nutmeats, white millet, melon seeds, squash seeds, peanuts, apples, raisins, white bread, and cornbread. Safflower seeds are not enjoyed by most other birds and make a nice food for cardinals only; pricey, but worth the show!
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