What Do Carpet Bugs Look like?


Carpet bugs are dark, small and oval insects. The most common species is shiny black with brownish legs and can grow to approximately 6.4 millimetres long. The larva of these bugs is normally white in colour.
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Although several different species of carpet beetles invade homes, all adult carpet beetles feature small, oval-shaped bodies approximately 1/8 inch long. Colors range from patterns
The longer you let it sit the greater chance you have a making a stain. Remove as much of the bug as you can. If there is any shell or guts left, you will just spread them around
by stepping on them.
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Carpet bugs tend to look like a beetle. They come inside and feed under your carpet during the winter months. They like to eat yarn and upholstery material. People see them a lot in the state of Maine but anyone can get them. It is best to call and exterminator to help get rid of these bugs. You can find more information here: http://pmo.umext.maine.edu/factsht/carpetbl.htm
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