What Do Chameleon Eat?


Some of the foods that are eaten by chameleons include: crickets, wax worms, meal worms, moths, and grasshoppers. They are insectivorous and have the ability to change colour in response to communication, temperature, and defence.
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Chameleons are at the bottom of the food chain and they have a number of predators such as snakes, birds and mammals like monkeys. In order to conceal from their predators, chameleons are able to change their colour in order to match their environs.
Chameleons in their natural habitats eat all different kinds of insects from the trees and the air around them. Pet chameleons however cannot get al the nutrients that a wild chameleon gets; it is therefore advisable to give them a diet containing crickets, worms and grasshoppers.
Chameleons are insectivorous because they find it easy to hunt and digest insect, as they are rich source of nutrients for chameleons. Some species like veiled chameleons feed on plant matter like trumpet vine, leafy greens and kales.
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