What Do Chipmunks Eat?


Chipmunks can eat a variety of foods and also store food for the winter season. They primarily eat peanuts, insects, different types of grains, the eggs of certain birds, various types of fungi and even worms as well. Sometimes, chipmunks also eat birdseeds, dried or even fresh bananas, apples, peas, tomatoes, grapes, sweet corn, grass, cucumber, dried apricots and sunflower seeds.
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Chipmunks eat many types of foods. They will eat nuts, seeds, mushrooms, berries, a variety of grains. Some chipmunks will steal small bird eggs from nests.
Chipmunks eat all sorts of things. They enjoy nuts, worms, and a variety of insects. They will also eat baby bird eggs if they can find them.
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Chipmunks mostly eat seeds, grasses, and nuts. Being from the Tamias genus which is greek for "storer", the chipmunk is just as likely to hide their food as they are to
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nuts. I think they can also eat fruit.
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Yes, chipmunks do eat some types of flowers as well as other types of plants. If one wishes to keep chipmunks and other animals out of flower beds and gardens ...
What do chipmunks like to eat? Chipmunks are kind of scavengers. They will eat bird seed and bird eggs. If you throw out food like fruits and veggies, they will ...
There are quite a few animals that would actually be considered natural predators of chipmunks. One such animal would be eagles or hawks. ...
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