What Do Chipmunks like to Eat?


What do chipmunks like to eat? Chipmunks are kind of scavengers. They will eat bird seed and bird eggs. If you throw out food like fruits and veggies, they will eat them, and even worms will work if they are hungry and can't find other good stuff. They are really fun to watch because they store food in their cheeks and the more they eat the bigger their cheeks get. You can find more information here: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/what-do-chipmunks-eat.html
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Chipmunks can eat a variety of foods and also store food for the winter season. They primarily eat peanuts, insects, different types of grains, the eggs of certain ...
A chipmunk looks very much like a squirrel, except often smaller. A chipmunk as a short, squat body. He or she will also often have a stripe or two down its back ...
Chipmunks are small little creatures. They are usually brown with black and white stripes. They have furry tails, and their ears stick up from their head. You ...
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