What Do Common Frogs Eat?


Most frogs are insectivores and use their long, sticky tongues to catch prey. They typically eat flies, moths, dragonflies, and other bugs. Some frogs will eat other small animals. Frogs usually swallow their prey whole.
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European Frogs eat insects, insect larvae, wood lice, spiders, snails and worms.
Some of the foods that common frogs eat include: insects, snails, spiders, worms and even small fish. They lack teeth thus swallow their entire meal whole as they cannot chew. However, they are preyed on by snakes, foxes, dogs, bass, pike, hawks, and seagulls.
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They eat flying insects, worms and snails.
There are many animals that eat frogs including humans. Some people eat from legs from a bullfrog. I like them myself. Other animals are snakes, birds, dogs, and some fish.
What do frogs eat? Frogs are carnivores. In the wild, smaller frogs eat insects, snails and worms, while larger frogs eat insects, fish, small reptiles and even mice. Frogs Can't
Most poison dart frogs only have to worry about snakes eating them. Poisonous frog, Ronario Frog Pond, Costa Rica image by Oren Sarid from Fotolia.com. The rainforest is home to a
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The main predators of frogs are snakes and birds. Other things that will sometimes eat frogs are lizards, rodents, fish, and occasionally other frogs. ...
There are a few animals that will eat a frog. They are snakes, foxes, bass, and even hawks. Some humans will eats frogs as well. Frogs are very strong predators ...
Some of the things that are eaten by frogs include: insects, snails, slugs and worms. They breathe through their skin and are active both day and night. Females ...
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