What Do Communists Believe in?


Communists believe in sharing things equally and that individuals should give according to what they have and receive according to what they needs. Through this, they aim at achieving an even distribution of wealth, so that no person will be in need. They believe we should all be one family.
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Every one should be equal - we went to Cuba a few years ago and were told every one is given a car - but it has to last them - so you see very old cars kept in lovely condition, nothing
Communism is a doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based
I love your mom is wrong. Communism is the political philosophy that ultimately seeks to abolish the state along with all social classes and private property. Democracy is infused
Communism is a religion, just as much as other formal religions, differing mainly in that it has no deity. Communism also differs from other religions in that it has a plan for society
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Communists believe that property and resources of a particular country should be held in common. They also believe that as feudalism gave way to capitalism, so will capitalism give way to socialism and eventually to communism.
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