What Do Cougars Eat?


Cougars are often at the top of a food chain and are not easily eaten. However, wolves and large animals like bears can kill cougars although they are not easy to catch as they are very swift.
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Cougars eat moose, elk, deer, caribou, smaller mammals and fish.
Cougars normally eat meat. They can sometimes take milk and vegetables. Cougars are almost unrivalled in the cat family due to their agility and power of jumping, which enables them to catch preys.
Cougars are also called Puma, Wildcat, Mountain lions and Panthers. Their diet consists of a variety of meats including deer, rabbits, mice, hogs, sheep and elk.
Cougars have been known to eat deer, armadillos, beavers, elk, fish, rodents, llamas, goats, other livestock and other mammals. The diet of a cougar is mostly meat.
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