What Do Coyotes Eat?


Coyotes will eat a wide range of food items, but their favorites are small animals. Mice, shrews, rabbits, and voles are a coyote's preferred meal. They have also been known to eat birds, frogs, and road-kill.
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Coyotes in many ways resemble a small wolf, and when they were first discovered, they were actually named prairie wolves. Coyotes are found throughout North America, southern areas
Wolves and lions.
The gray wolf is the primary predator of coyotes. The coyote population grew when gray
Cayote food sources include small rodents, rabbits, deer, elk, moose, antelope, cattle, hogs, skunk, javelina, armadillo, opossum, birds, crustaceans..MORE?
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Coyotes eat small rodents, insects, reptiles and fruits.
Coyotes can feed on almost any animal that they can ingest. These animals include: voles, prairie dogs, eastern cottontails, small birds and snakes as well as lizards, deer, javelina, cattle, small insects and mice. In addition, coyotes can eat fruits and vegetables, especially during winter.
Coyotes are opportunistic carnivores. They usually eat small mammals, like squirrels, mice, and prairie dogs. They'll also eat large insects, birds, and carrion.
Coyotes aren't very picky when it comes to finding foods. They will eat insects, rabbits, mice, berries, squirrels, beavers and the remains of any dead animals it finds.
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Coyotes eat just about anything that moves, and most things that are dead. They eat cats, dogs, chickens, birds, snakes, rabbits, and just about anything that ...
There are a few animals that are above the beautiful coyote in the food chain. Mountain lions and wolves both tend to hunt for coyotes. The gray wolf is the animal ...
For most environments, Coyotes have no natural predators. However in a few, they do compete with bears and other animals like Fox or Wolves. In these situations ...
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