What Do Dogs like to Eat?


Some of the foods that dogs like to eat include meat and dog biscuits. However, they can eat human foods such as: cheese, melons, sunflower, peanut butter, bananas, apple slices, green beans, and baby carrots.
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Dogs eat birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, eggs, insects, grains, nuts and fruits.
Dogs like to eat just about anything but that doesn't necessarily mean that they should or that it's good for them. Dogs like fruits, dry food and wet dog food. I like to give my dogs some wet food once in a while as a special treat.
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Dogs usually eat dog food that's commercially prepared. Some people think table scraps are OK, just check with your vet, and introduce one at a time. Look here for more information:
1. Lightly sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese on your dog's kibble. The new smell and taste may just be the key. 2. Doesn't like cheese? Add some peanut butter instead. 3. Try adding
Cats will eat grass if they are bored, or it could be a sign of an upset stomach. Cats will also eat grass if they are lacking something in their diets. Look here for more information
1 Determine the environment. How you prepare for this meal will depend greatly on the circumstances and surroundings. Is this a quick lunch; a party with friends; a “working
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