What Do Earwigs Eat?


Most earwigs species feed on other insects, plants, ripe fruit, and garbage. Plants that they feed on typically include clover, dahlias, zinnias, butterfly bush, hollyhock, lettuce, cauliflower, strawberry, sunflowers, celery, peaches, plums, grapes, potatoes, roses, seedling beans and beets, and tender grass shoots and roots; they have also been known to eat corn silk, damaging the corn.
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Spiders, frogs,etc.
1. Apply a granular insecticide approved for earwig control. Apply the insecticide in the late afternoon, following the package instructions. Water the granules into the soil with
The only insect predators that prey on the earwig are parasitic species of Tachinidae, or
Vegetable matter,flowers,leaves,etc.He'll need a little soil and a pice of wood to hide under,and a small sponge to mist so he'll have water.You might want to put a few friends in
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Some of the natural predators to earwigs include the praying mantis and assassin bugs. This animal is omnivorous and it can be used in the control of a number of bugs including aphids; however, they can also be destructive if left unchecked.
Earwigs prefer to eat dead insects and decomposing plant matter. They have been known to also eat live plants and can pose problems to gardens. You can find more information here: http://doyourownpestcontrol.com/earwig.htm
Earwigs manly feed from the plant roots and small insects. But they also eat fruits, leaves, flowers vegetable matters, grapes, potatoes, roses etc.
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I can't say for certain what is eating your apricot tree leaves, but the most common offenders are earwigs and aphids. Aphids are small bugs that use their mouths ...
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