What Do Eels Eat?


There are many different type of eels that live in the ocean but most of them are not ferocious looking. Since eels live in the ocean they tend to eat other fish and crustaceans.
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Common Eels eat aquatic invertebrates and any food they can find.
Eels have several predators which include large fish such as blue whales, sharks, seabirds, raccoons and even human beings. Eels usually feed on other types of fish and crustaceans that are available in their surroundings.
Eels feed on insect's larvae, worms and water snails. When they grow big, they start feeding on fish, freshwater crayfish as well as small birds such as ducklings. Occasionally, eels can be seen out scavenging for food but most of their hunting usually occurs at night.
Eels eat fish and crustaceans. Due to their mouth that includes a sucker and teeth, they suck other animals blood to provide nourishment for themselves.
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