What Do Emus Eat?


Emus are omnivorous, meaning that they eat vegetation, fruits, berries, vegetables, as well as meat (specifically insects and lizards). Emus have survived for long periods of time with limited food sources.
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Emus in the wild eat grass, flowers, fruit, seeds and even insects. They also swallow large stones with their food to assist in grinding the food up in the gizzard to aid in digestion
Adult emus do not have any natural predators. Dingoes (not native to Australia) will take on an adult emu, as a pack, but not individually. Young emus are subject to predation by
Emus feed on grains, flowers, berries, soft shoots, insects, grubs
emus eat bugs that they find on the ground and if you own one they will eat corn that you would feed to chickens..I know this because my papaw used to have 3-4 of these ugly things.
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Emus eat seeds, fruits, flowers, insects and small vertebrates.
Emus mainly eat fruits, flowers, insects, seeds and green plants. The other foods that are eaten by the Emus are: earthworms, apples, crickets, grapes and sometimes they are fed on bananas. They are mostly found in Australia.
An emus will eat practically anything. They enjoy fruits, vegetables, leaves, plants and red meat. An emus will also try to eat things that may not be edible such as plastics or papers.
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