What Do Feral Cats Eat?


A feral cat feeds on small mammals like mice, shrews and voles and they sometimes hunt reptiles and birds when food becomes scarce. A feral cat is a free roaming cat which spends their entire lives in the bust and abandoned houses.
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In North America, coyotes, wolves, cougars, fishers (a type of weasel) and many other predators will eat feral cats. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view
1. Contact your local animal authority to check for laws regarding the capturing and releasing of nuisance animals. 2. Follow all safety information and directions for the live-trap
1. Establish a regular feeding routine. If your property has a lot of stray cats around and you want to get them spayed or neutered to help keep them healthy and keep the population
Mostly, whatever they find. They'll also kill birds and rodents, even bugs. They're not going to be that interested in your garden, but they might nibble grass to aid digestion. The
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Feral cats eat food out of the garbage. The scavenge for food. They kill and eat mice, voles and shrews. They may sometimes hurt birds and reptiles.
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