What Do Ferrets Eat?


Ferrets are supposed to be fed high quality ferret food or dry kitten food. Hard foods help to keep a ferrets teeth clean, and will help their feces smell less. Ferrets are carnivores, but they do enjoy an occasional piece of fruit, like a banana, or grapes. For more helpful information on how to care for your ferret, visit .
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Ferrets eat meat in the wild and manufactured food in captivity.
A ferret has a strict diet. You should keep them on dry cat food, or meat. Never give a ferret milk, they are lactose intolerant. They like meat, but one thing to remember is that ferrets like to hide food, and come back to it later. So you need to watch that they don't get bad food that they hidden earlier in the day.
Ferrets should be fed some meat so it cab get its protein that it needs. They can also munch on some bread, insects and have water and milk for a drink.
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In the wild ferrets will eat of mostly meat. They are known to eat the whole pray, including the organs, bones, skin, fat, and feathers. ...
Ferrets are obligate carnivores, meaning they can only eat meat and don't derive any nutritional value from plant material. For this reason, the proper feeding ...
Ferrets mainly prey on rabbits, but they can also eat hares, birds, eggs, lizards, hedgehogs, frogs and a range of invertebrates. Their diet differs with season ...
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