What Do Filipinos Eat?


Philippine cuisine has evolved over several centuries from its Malay roots. Just like their Asian counterparts Filipinos do not eat with chopsticks. Some of their cuisines are; fish, chicken, rice and a lot of vegetables.
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The national dish(es) of The Philippines include(s): adobo, lechon, milkfish, lumpia, pancit, halo-halo, balut, bagoong, chicharon, and leche flan.
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1. As with most. cultures., Filipinos like to eat. A lot. Food is so central to our culture that we eat several times a day and no social gathering is complete without loads of food
Filipinos eat almost everything we eat pig, dogs, cats, worms and all that stuff.
Filipinos like to eat rice, fish, vegetables, interspersed with starchy snacks. Thanks
Philippine cuisine has evolved over several centuries from its Malay roots, while influenced by Arab, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and American cuisines. Filipinos traditionally
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Some Filipino food facts are that rice is a staple of their diet. They eat a great deal of fish as well as coconut. They often eat up to five meals each day. Some ...
Yumm. Ok, this is one of my favorite Filipino food to eat! My mom makes this every time someone is having a birthday in our family or if you just request it. ...
Asia is a very large continent and it would be difficult to pinpoint what they eat for breakfast. In the Philippines, Filipinos usually have rice with fish and ...
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