What do fire-bellied toads eat?


According to About.com, fire-bellied toads in captivity eat a variety of prey, including crickets and other insects, waxworms, earthworms and small feeder fish, such as guppies or minnows. In the wild, young and adult fire-bellied toads subsist on insects like beetles and flies, annelid worms and terrestrial arthropods. Fire-bellied toad tadpoles feed mainly on algae and plants.

In captivity, fire-bellied toads should be fed two to three times per week and monitored so they do not become overweight. According to About.com, prey should be gut loaded and dusted with a multi-vitamin powder. Because they do not have extendable tongues, fire-bellied toads grab their food with their mouths and use their forelegs to assist in feeding.

Although they do require some effort, fire-bellied toads are not difficult to care for, making them an excellent pet for beginners, according to About.com. Extensive handling should be avoided due to their mild toxicity, and the owner's hands should be washed immediately after. They should not be housed with other species because of potential issues with toxicity.

According to Wikipedia, fire-bellied toads usually live for around 12 years when provided with proper food and environmental conditions. There have been reported cases of fire-bellied toads living up to 30 years.

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