What Do Fire Belly Toads Eat?


Fire bellied toads are carnivorous creatures. In captivity, they should be fed gut-loaded insects, especially crickets. Fire bellied toads prefer to eat live prey. You can find more information here: http://www.grizzlyrun.com/Pets/Amphibians/Frogs/Fire_Bellied_Toad_Care_Information/Default.htm
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Well after a fire belly toad has offspring the sometimes eat their
The Fire-bellied Toads is a group comprising eight species of small toads (typically no
1. Before breeding fire belly toads, it is always a good idea to ask your local vet the sex. You can always try sexing them yourself but it is a bit difficult. Most males have sticky
1. Choose a bright, active fire bellied toad. Look for toads that are hopping around when you tap on the glass. Since these are probably the healthiest and most active toads, pick
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To feed Fire-Belly Toads Mealworms, put live mealworms in a container (plastic) with several slices of sweet potato or carrot. Fill the container with bran or ...
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