What Do Fireflies Eat?


Fireflies are meat eaters and larvae eat snails, worms, and in some cases, other fireflies. However, scientist are not sure what adult fireflies eat and some think it might be plants, nectar, or nothing at all.
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When they are at their larvae stage, fireflies often feed on earthworms, snails, ants and many other arthropods. When they become adults, they transform from carnivores into herbivores feeding on dew droplets and flower pollen.
Firefly larva are predators feeding on other larvae, snails, and slugs. Adult fireflies often feed on pollen and nectar. There are some firefly adults that are predatory. Fireflies are also poisonous to predators that eat them.
Fireflies are actually beetles and not flies. They eat other smaller insects, snails, and slugs or part of flowers and pollen. If you catch them, it is best to let them go after an hour or two. They have very short life spans, so keeping them alive long term is not an option. You can find more information here: http://www.highlightskids.com/Science/ScienceQuestions/h1sciQfireFlies.asp
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Fireflies eat insects, pollen, and flower parts. Their larvae, sometimes called glowworms, eat snails, slugs, and other insects. Some don't eat anything.
Fireflies fall in to the category of beneficial insects because their larvae - and some species of adults - feed on garden pests. Glowworms, the larval form of fireflies, hunt and
they eat mainly any insect.
Fireflies are not flies at all, but they are kinds of beetles. . Some
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