What Do Flea Bites Look like?


Flea bites are tiny dark spots that mostly form on the feet and lower legs. After suffering several flea bites, some people get an allergic sensitivity to the affected area which ends up as an itchy rash or eczema.
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Flea bites can look like hives or a rash, and often occur around the waist, ankles, armpits and in the bend of elbows and knees.
Flea bites usually appear as small red spots or bumps after a person is bitten by a flea. These spots can be very irritating and itchy owing to the enzymes that the flea produces as it sucks blood. Most flea bites usually last a few hours in some people but other people may have serious allergies to flea bites.
A flea bite can usually be described as a red spot accompanied by a halo of redness that can last for several hours depending on one's reaction to it. It may causes a slight irritation or itch in some people while others with extreme allergies will sometimes break out into hives and have excessive swelling
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