What Do Fleas Eat?


Fleas feed exclusively on warm blooded animals, by drawing blood from their host by using their piercing mouth parts. As they pierce the skin they inject anti-blood clotting saliva to extract the blood of their host. As well as being found on the host, e.g. cat or dog, fleas and their eggs are frequently found in the animal's bedding or in carpets where the animal usually lies.
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Fleas are literally blood sucking parasites. They are like mosquitoes as far as they feed on blood. They can not have babies until they feed on blood and that is why they are so hungry. You can find more information here: http://www.yourfamilyshealth.com/family_health/pets/fleas/
Adult fleas are parasitic insects. They attach to a host's body and drink its blood. Flea larvae don't drink blood directly from hosts. Instead they feed on dead animals, feces, or any other organic matter they can find. You can find more information here: http://www.yourfamilyshealth.com/family_health/pets/fleas/
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