What do fruit bats eat?


Fruit bats typically eat a large variety of fruits ranging from mangoes to avocado. They are capable of adapting to eat whichever fruits are available to them in their habitat; they also use the same trees for sleeping.

Fruit bats are commonly referred to as the flying fox, due to the similarities in their facial appearance to the red fox. They do not spend a lot of time in caves or dark caverns, like many other kinds of bats. Instead, they can be found hanging from fruit-producing trees, like banana trees and mango trees.

The daily activity of a fruit bat mainly involves searching for food. Their eating habits are beneficial for the environment; this is because of their cross-pollination qualities. When fruit bats land on fruit trees they indulge in the fruit, the seeds and even the nectar.

As fruit bats go from tree to tree, pollen rubs off on their rich fur, and then the fruit bat is able to spread the pollen to various plants that they come into contact. This aids in populating flowers and creating new fruit. The new vegetation that is produced aids in maintaining the plant population.

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Fruit Bats eat fruits and nectar.
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