What Do Fruit Bats Eat?


Fruit bats feed on variety of fruits, including figs, guavas, bananas, mangoes, and other tropical fruits. Some eat nectar through pollination. In the zoo, they are usually fed grapes, mangoes and puppy chow, which is high in protein.
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A owl can eat a Fruit bat or any kind of bat.
Some fruit bats eat fruit only, some fruit bats eat fruit and flowers,
1. Know that fruit bats live in tropical and subtropical areas. These bats eat fruit exclusively and do not usually hibernate. They are confined to the tropics, which has fruit-bearing
fruit bats eat a wide range of nectar, flowers, and both cultivated and native fruits. Source(s): http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_do_fruit_bats_eat
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Fruit Bats eat fruits and nectar.
Fruit bats like to eat flowers and fruit. They will first suck on the flowers and fruit. Next they swallow the juice and spit out the rest.
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The fruit bat has a few predators. The owl will eat the fruit bat as well as other birds of prey. Snakes will eat fruit bats, as well as opossums and wild cats. ...
Although some bats are omnivores, most eat insects, which makes them insectivores. Large bats that live in tropical regions and rain forests feed on fruit, so ...
Most bats can live a life span of thirty years. The main predators bats fall to are snakes, birds, and raccoons. Bats are very helpful in eating many insects. You ...
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